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Business Technology Transformation

Business transformation often starts with a technology transformation. As corporate executives face a mix of competitive pressures, changing customer expectations and digital disruption, they recognize that help has to come from experts who are as business savvy as they are technologically aware. Cimphoni’s Business Technology Transformation consultants bring a track record of success in both business and IT leadership roles. We have the experience and credibility to serve as a catalyst between these two groups and the technology vendor community. Our unique combination of business process expertise and technical know-how leads us to consistently deliver truly transformational business outcomes.

Customer Engagement

With 60-70% of the consumer buying process occurring before any direct engagement with the seller, it’s clear that yesterday’s marketing and channel strategies are ill-prepared for today’s consumer.

Cybersecurity, Risk Management & Compliance

Data is the new currency of crime and security breaches are on the rise. An effective cybersecurity program must include both defenses against breaches and an effective security breach response and recovery plan.

Information–Driven Excellence

Businesses need the ability to quickly sense-and-respond to changes in consumer behaviors and expectations. Developing insights into these expectations and how to meet them is critical.

Create a Differentiated Customer Engagement Model

This shift has driven the need for a new model of customer engagement, one which leverages technology to integrate marketing, sales, and customer service while providing visibility into customer touch-points across multiple channels.

As more and more consumer data on buying behaviors and preferences is captured, consumers expect personalized and relevant interactions throughout the sales cycle. This has resulted in the need for the marketing function to analyze all available customer data. Fortunately, there are marketing applications that can address this need. These applications use behavioral data, geographic data, and demographic data to identify, score, nurture, and convert prospective leads.

Cimphoni can serve as the catalyst between senior leadership, the IT organization and the technology vendor community to design an overall marketing technology and channel optimization strategy. We will then work with your team to implement the appropriate technologies to create a successful customer engagement model.

Benefits of a Robust Customer Engagement Model
  • A seamless customer experience promotes brand loyalty
  • Delivering the right message, at the right time, through the right channel
  • More qualified leads streamline sales conversion
  • Ability to measure and optimize every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Closed-loop conversion analytics that tie marketing efforts to realized revenue
  • Alignment between Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and IT
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Cybersecuity, Risk Management & Compliance

The risks associated with inadequate cybersecurity infrastructure can no longer be ignored, as the number of detected incidents and data losses are increasing exponentially every year. Companies have a fiduciary responsibility to their customers, shareholders and employees to develop a cybersecurity posture that prevents an attack and mitigates its impact if one does occur.

Benefits of an Effective Cybersecurity Program
  • Protect intellectual property and sensitive financial, customer and employee data
  • Avoid the cost associated with a cybersecurity incident and the adverse impact on brand equity
  • Ensure compliance with applicable security standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), HITRUST/HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.
  • Train employees to become a more effective “human firewall” and avoid exposing the organization through spoofing, phishing and behavioral-based cybersecurity breaches
  • Create an effective incident management and response plan to contain and recover from a cybersecurity breach
  • Reduce cybersecurity risk to an acceptable level.
5 Pillars of an Effective Cybersecurity Program
Building a Cyber Fortress to Protect Your Digital Assets Request an Information Security Risk SnapShot Assessment

Mitigating cybersecurity threats requires a tailored approach that achieves an ongoing balance between the numerous threat “vectors” as they evolve and the cost to deploy an effective cybersecurity program that protects your company’s information assets. It also requires a holistic approach across the entire cybersecurity spectrum, including prevention, detection, response and recovery.

We often start with a SnapShot Assessment to identify the scope and nature of sensitive data within your company, review historical and emerging cybersecurity threats (e.g., DDOS, ransomware, phishing), prioritize cybersecurity risks and assess your current maturity relative to addressing these risks. In many cases, this review takes on the form of a gap assessment against a security standard like PCI DSS or HITRUST/HIPAA that applies to your organization.

Regardless of the maturity of your cybersecurity environment, Cimphoni can provide technical support and leadership to improve your ability to address evolving cybersecurity threats. We work with companies just beginning their cybersecurity preparations as well as those that have a rigorous and mature program looking to improve it.

Let’s get started.

Pursue Information-Driven Excellence

This can be a challenge with data scattered across multiple on-premise and cloud-based applications and social media sites. However, a consolidated view of this data allows you to easily identify the performance “levers” that improve financial and operational performance.

Few can deny that the pace of technology-driven change has accelerated. Product companies have shortened their development cycles to the point where consumers have become accustomed to a rapid succession of new products. Services companies have more information about their customers than ever before, rapidly creating experiences that are tailored to individual customer needs and preferences.

The fast movers in business today are able to quickly sense and respond to market signals. They have real-time visibility into the operation of the business (e.g., order-to-cash cycle), and they are constantly learning which levers to pull to make specific changes. Their data-driven analytical tools and models help them quickly anticipate what’s next and act on it. We can help you transform data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom, as we have done for many others.

Benefits of Information-Driven Excellence
  • Visibility into external market dynamics and internal operational performance
  • An understanding of which performance levers have the greatest impact on financial results
  • Shorter time-to-market with products and services relevant to your customers
  • Improved execution with more reliance on facts and less on anecdotes and intuition

Want To Crush The Competition?

In the 21st century, technology underlies almost everything a business does from the manufacturing floor to the sales floor and across the supply chain. Some days, this feels like an opportunity and other days, it’s an obstacle. Cimphoni Solutions is all about seeing the opportunities for game-changing innovations that will propel your business miles beyond your competition. Isn’t it time to figure out a strategy to harness the power of technology and leave your competition in the dust?

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