Do You Ever Wish You and Your Technology Were on the Same Team?

When you need your enterprise software to work in unison, it’s best to choose a partner that understands the enterprise AND the technology.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Defining a modular and truly agile enterprise application architecture that supports
ever-increasing engagement channels and partners may mean the difference between enabling
future growth and being painted into a corner. Don’t accept brittle and near-sighted strategies.
Let Cimphoni assist you in structuring your future.

Good software architecture makes the complex simple and elegant. It is robust enough
to meet immediate needs and scale beyond. It is stable, supportable, extensible and capable
of enabling an amazing customer experience and organizational efficiency.

We are experienced technologists who understand that putting the right solution in place
seamlessly requires not only coding skills, but also business acumen, the ability to see
the bigger picture and to coordinate across organizational boundaries to orchestrate applications
and integration in heterogeneous environments.

Software Project Management

Whether enabling a single application with a focused audience or enabling a new service architecture
to support your partner network, execution is key. Keeping your developers, business partners,
testers, operations staff and front line on the same page means being able to speak each of those languages
with a high degree of proficiency. The ability to respond to change, think on your feet and truly understand
how to align a team to an outcome requires more than a Gantt chart and regular meetings.

At Cimphoni, we search for problems on the horizon and address them before they materialize.
We also ensure the day-to-day tactics align with the strategy. We like quality, accountability and teamwork,
and we invite you to leverage our experience in facilitating high stakes software projects.

Mobile & Web Application Development

We develop custom applications that deliver an exceptional experience for all of your stakeholders.

Connectivity and Platform Integration

Integrating your technology platforms might feel as daunting as demolishing a real silo, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

The difference between data and business intelligence is context and insight that enables better, faster business decisions. Want some?

Mobile first is the mantra of today’s forward-thinking organizations

If your mobile solutions are an afterthought, then you are not aligned with many of your customers who reach for their smart phones and tablets as a first choice for immediate results. More importantly, they’re not telling you they’re disappointed, they’re just moving on to your competitors.

Your employees, vendors, partners, investors and other audiences also expect to be able to do business with you and access information wherever they are, and on whatever device they happen to have closest to them at the time. Providing them with an exceptional mobile toolset untethers them and enables them to connect, buy, get informed and keep working, regardless of their location or device.

If you’re unsure if an HTML5 mobile website is suitable for you, wondering if your most complex transactions can be enabled on a small screen or in need of assistance in building native iPhone, Android or Windows Phone apps

Help is Only a Click Away

Connectivity and Platform Integration

Your organization does not excel when employees operate in silos, speak different languages or don’t speak at all. The application world is no different. Whether using node.js, RESTful services, message queues or SOAP, communication between systems should be timely and accurate. Yet the application integration challenge does not stop there. You have cloud applications, legacy on-premise applications, mobile apps and back-office processing to contend with as well.

If there were a one-size-fits-all connectivity solution, you would already have it handled. Often, a combination of approaches is required to get all of your applications and platforms to harmonize. Coordinating these complex application layer transactions between systems requires enterprise experience and technology chops. We have both.

So what’s the savvy IT leader to do? Call Cimphoni, of course. We can help you to:
Ensure information traverses your heterogeneous environments quickly and securely.
Reduce duplication and orchestrate complex workflows such as employee onboarding, authentication/authorization or connecting point-of-sale systems to your general ledger
Ensure that the next call center agent that interacts with a customer already knows the case history, status of product orders and availability of new marketing offers.
And find out event more Contact Us

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Your business has more data than ever before, and now it’s coming in real time from within the walls of your business, as well as online transactions, mobile apps, social media and the Internet of Things. You know that there’s a ton of really useful information in that data mountain, and the race is on to see if you or your competitor will find a way to understand and leverage it to your advantage first. .

By combining data with context and making it available to all areas of your business in real-time, you create insights for all of your creative thinkers, allowing them to find new efficiencies, create new sources of revenue and create new products to win business.

We can help you manage your internal data and turn it into actionable business intelligence across your organization. And we can also help connect your business to the world of external data analytics, helping you acquire insight you didn’t know was available to you. Imagine the possibilities.

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Want to Crush The Competition?

In the 21st century, technology underlies almost everything a business does from the manufacturing floor to the sales floor and across the supply chain. Some days, this feels like an opportunity and other days, it’s an obstacle. Cimphoni Solutions is all about seeing the opportunities for game-changing innovations that will propel your business miles beyond your competition. Isn’t it time to figure out a strategy to harness the power of technology and leave your competition in the dust?

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