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Redefine your competitive landscape with smart and connected products that create new revenue opportunities and custom enterprise software that improves business performance.

Internet of Things Strategy and Product Development

Discover how your business can leverage the Internet of Things to your maximum competitive advantage with smart, connected products and a smart and informed enterprise.

IoT Strategy

Cimphoni will help you define your competitive positioning, discover IoT-enabled product opportunities and develop your IoT product development strategy.

IoT-enabled Product Development

Whether you want to develop completely new IoT-enabled products or enhance existing products with IoT-enabled technology, Cimphoni can get you from concept to a manufacturing-ready prototype.

IoT Enterprise Transformation

Harness the large volumes of data that come from IoT-enabled products and integrate it with your enterprise applications or use it to improve the customer experience.

The Internet of Things. Why is it important for my business?

IoT-enabled products and related services are driving the next wave of innovation and competitive differentiation. Do you have an IoT strategy for your business?

Certainly, the Internet of Things has received a lot of attention the past few years, promising to transform our lives by incorporating smart and connected devices into the products and services we use every day. But, what does it mean from a corporate perspective, in terms of new product development for customers that want everything to be smarter, smaller and available at their fingertips? What does it mean to corporations, as they have the opportunity to connect front office and back office, and gain greater visibility to the data they need to make strategic decisions? The challenge for any company considering IoT as the next big opportunity for competitive differentiation is to sort the real value from the hype, and to decide how to make it work for them. If you are struggling to answer the following questions, we can help.

Why are my competitors promoting smart and connected products, and is it a threat to us?
Could developing our own IoT-enabled products be a competitive game changer for us?
What would be the strategic impact of connecting our manufacturing floor to our supply chain?
Do we have the skills to do this on our own, or do we need help?
Will IoT increase my revenues, or just my costs?
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This is No Ordinary Product Development Exercise

IoT has the potential to disrupt existing business models, including yours. In order to compete effectively, you need a comprehensive strategy that clearly defines the opportunities to pursue and how you will position with respect to your competition. Using our Innovate/Enable/Transform methodology, we can help across the entire product lifecycle.

Developing products enabled by the Internet of Things requires the collaboration of multiple business functions—marketing, product development, customer service, manufacturing and information technology. Cimphoni is uniquely qualified to help you build best-in-class IoT-enabled products because we are more than just an IT consultancy. Our team is a blend of experienced IT leaders, engineers and business executives who have led engineering, operations, customer service and marketing functions – an expert ensemble that understands how to coordinate activities across these business functions, while also keeping value-based customer use cases at the center of your IoT strategy.

Once your strategy is set, Cimphoni can help with IoT program management, hardware and software design, and prototype development to get your new IoT-enabled product ready for production. In conjunction with our partner, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Group, we can completely engineer your IoT solution from concept to device.

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Are You Ready To “Surf” The Tsunami Of
Data That IoT-Enabled Devices Will

Imagine the possibilities if your products could tell you what happens to them after they leave your manufacturing facility, distribution center or equipment yard.

What benefits would be realized if your could obtain real-time data directly from your products as they move through the distribution channel? Providing the ability for pharmaceutical companies to track the chain of custody for Schedule II drugs (e.g., DEA Form 222) from manufacturing facilities to pharmacies, or providing real-time temperature monitoring of refrigerated products as they are stored and transported, are great examples where regulatory compliance or avoidance of spoilage create a compelling business case for IoT.

What benefits would be gained if you could track how customers are buying, renting, using and even breaking your products? As an example, providing equipment rental companies with real-time data on equipment location, usage patterns, duty cycle and other operating parameters would create opportunities to change the billing model, identify equipment abusers and improve return on assets.

Given the large quantity of data that IoT devices can generate, it is critical that you are able to gain actionable business insights from this data. This requires the ability to capture, store and process IoT data quickly. This data can also provide a “feedback loop” to inform your CRM, ERP and product design systems. An effective IoT strategy puts just as much or more emphasis on the data as on the device. Understanding and then acting on this data is where the real business value of IoT is realized. Cimphoni can guide you through the process of harvesting IoT data that will guide critical business decisions in marketing, product development, customer service and manufacturing.

Turn Your Data Into Insights

Want to Crush The Competition?

In the 21st century, technology underlies almost everything a business does from the manufacturing floor to the sales floor and across the supply chain. Some days, this feels like an opportunity and other days, it’s an obstacle. Cimphoni Solutions is all about seeing the opportunities for game-changing innovations that will propel your business miles beyond your competition. Isn’t it time to figure out a strategy to harness the power of technology and leave your competition in the dust?

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